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Ultimate Guide for Hiring the Best & Economical online exam system

by in Online Exam System

online exam system guideAre you looking for easy online exam software to create online exam & computer based test assessment? Then you search for online exam software ends here.

Before going ahead, we want to let you know some important facts which are faced by you while you plan for implementing exam system. For most of the person, it is very difficult to find out a suitable service provider. Some times, you will find that some of the exam systems are not up to mark as per your requirement or some of them are not budget-friendly. So in this scenario it is quite difficult to hire a genuine service for the online exam system.

We at Mobilitysum Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Know this fact, so we have come up with a such type of online exam software which is not only highly enrich in features to suit your all over testing requirement but also the very budget-friendly.

Below are the points which describe this online exam software uniqueness among the all others online exam software.

Creation of questions Library: This is one of the very important features, which gives you freedom of uploading the questions again & again. As per your requirement you can create list of subjects & their related chapters. Then you upload your questions under subjects & chapter segmentation processes, simply it creates a library to use the same question multiple times into different online sets & exams.

Multiple exam packages creation: When you start creating the test packages, it can be in your mind to create test packages of different amount to suit the requirement of students. To do this you might think that you will need to create sets again & again. But in our software, you don’t need to create same types of sets again & again. Your have to create different amount test packages only by using the same sets in multiple exams. This online exam software makes an extra advantages of creating multiple no. of sets as per sectional or full length depends upon your requirement of categorized the exams as per packages.

Real Time Analysis & Reports: Analysis & Reports are very important part of any system which tells the output summary in an arranged format & next step can be decided upon it. This online exam software enables you to get different kind of custom reports & analysis along with filtration facility to cater your exact reports you are looking for.

Economical & Budget-Friendly: The pricing of the online examination software is very economical & budget-friendly as you only pay when you use it. So its pricing totally depends upon the uses. We make 100% uses of your hard earned money.

Now, you are just a step away. Call us or send us your details, we will call you with an instant online demo schedule.

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