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  1. online exam softwareStudents Management: This module of Online Exam Software is design to maintain those students' records & login details that have been registered for Online Test Series. Admin can filer the students records with any of the information provided by users like mobile, email, name along with paid & free registered users records.    
  2. online exam softwareQuestion Bank Management: This module is design to create & maintain own content library in Online Exam Software, through which institute will able to generate unlimited no. of sets & exams. The questions uploading & updating features are made so easy that institute can upload no. of questions at one go.
  3. online exam softwareExams & Sets Management: Through this module, different types of sets & exams can be created in Online Exam Software as per need & courses provided by the institute. Institute can decide the no. of set allocation, time & instructions for each set & exam. The test packages name, its description & pricing can be set easily.
  4. online exam softwareGeneral & Scheduled Exam Creation: This features of online exam software application enables the institutions to create two types of exam. First one is General type exam which can be given any time as per users choice & time availability & 2nd one is the scheduled exam which can be given between fixed scheduled & result will be given on a fixed date or on closing date of exam.
  5. online exam softwareDetailed Analysis: Detailed analysis is a very important feature of this online exam software, which is generated automatically by the system after completion of test. This analysis concludes sets of reports based on the performance of the students. After getting through this report students will able to know their strong & weak areas of preparation, so they can act & improve their preparation.
  6. online exam softwareOnline Test Packages Display: As per the requirement & students' demand educators & publishers can create & live the different kinds of test packages in this online exam software. The display of the all test packages are available on the test packages page automatically generated in this online exam software for the registration & purchase by the online guest users.
  7. online exam softwareNotification Management: Those students who are preparing any baking or govt. exam love to get the important details & notification from the educators & publishers. With the help of this module of Online Exam Software, institute can give any types of updates to all students like new announcement, upcoming exams & important dates.
  8. online exam softwareUser Management: User management is an important part of any system. For a proper work flow & to run the system smoothly, admin needs a hierarchy. This module is used to maintain a hierarchy & prevent unauthorized access to the system. Any user logging into the system can access only those functions for which he/she has been granted rights for using Online Exam Software.
  9. online exam softwareStudents Panel: This panel allows students to access the online exam software & take the tests. This has been made very smooth & user friendly. Through this panel students will able to update his profile, password & profile photograph in Online Exam Software. Students will able to perform their tests & can see ranking & analytical reports of performed tests.
  10. online exam softwareOpen Registration: Open registration feature enables educators, publishers & institutions to cater the facility of online registration, where any online user can do registration directly on the website. After the registration, students can make the online payment for the Online Test Series packages, he wants to buy. This is an easy & hassle free lead & revenue generation system.
  11. online exam softwarePayment Options: Along with the different mode of registration, we provide the different option of performing payment process in Online Exam Software. There are three way payment options. Either students can purchase test packages & make payment online or buy test packages by making payment at institution offices or by having a coupon code equivalent to the test packages price.
  12. online exam softwarePayment Gateway Integration: A third party tools used to receive online payment after integrating the payment gateway in educators, publishers & institution website for Online Exam Software. Students can make payment either by net banking or debit card or credit card. Newly purchased test packages are automatically added in students account.
  13. online exam softwareAuthorized Centre/ Person Addition/ Coupon Management: In Online Exam Software, Authorized Centre or any Person registration process is available to create a list of authorized seller of Online Test Series packages. Promotional Coupon or Full Amount Coupon can be created by institute for distributing to authorized seller/centre/franchise.
  14. online exam softwareEducators, Publishers & Institutions Branding: Institutions branding is an important part, which we take care while deploying the services for our customers. This is such important thing that every one love to show to the world. We understand this fact; hence we take care of every aspect of branding process of our Educators, Publishers & Institutions while implementing the software.
  15. online exam softwareSecurity & Privacy: We take safeguard of your data by providing you secure & reliable services. You feel confident & secure with us as we measure every step of security standards. We are committed to respect the privacy of the information you place in our systems. Also we maintain an automated transactional backup system.

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