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online exam management softwareThrough this module, different types of sets & exams can be created in Online Exam Software as per need & courses provided by the institute. Institute can decide the no. of set allocation, time & instructions for each set & exam. The test packages name, its description & pricing can be set easily.

Create Sets

You can create unlimited number of sets as per your requirement by filtering the questions from different sunjects & chapters. You will love the questions filtration process given in our online exam software which enables you to pick the desired questions. There is also the facility of micro filtration of questions are given. You can filter question types, used & unsed questions easily. The best part of creating sets is that you can use the sets in different exams or test packages as per your requirement.

Create Test Packages

After creating the sets as you need to create your test packages, you can create as many different types of test packages by providing the exams/test packages details & adding the required no. of sets. This features give you the full control on the test packages creation. Either you can create free or paid test packages, enables them to make available to users to purchase the test packages.

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